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23 December 2006 @ 12:31 am
It's like the Hotel California  
Maasi Gayle-ji's hear now. It kind of brings the whole "christmas is in two days" thing home. Crazy.

Lesse... so, we went out to dinner. And Aunt Gayle had a leeetle bit too much wine, and, as is customary for my parents to do whenever there is alcohol around, they talked about my grades and gave me a hard time. Fairly normal, that.

Colin was at Bepe Gianni's- where we went to eat- and it was... awkward. But nice. We discussed T-shirts. XD Awkward in the way that you're outside of shcool talking to someone who you talk to fairly often at school but don't hang out with otuside of school, and nice in the way that you enjoy this person's company at school.

Umm... yes.

It's nice to see Maasi Gayle-ji. She's lost a lot of weight, and really needs the health benefits. She looks amazing for sixty. We looked at Italy pictures and stuff.

I have a cat in my lap. :D And I'm watching Doctor Who. <3