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19 January 2006 @ 03:03 pm
Fake voice post  
Yeah, so, since I felt like doing it and am taking every measure possible to avoid studying for finals, I recorded a fake voice post and uploaded it to yousendit. It's a regular old mp3, so you should all be able to hear it. Apologies if I talk a bit fast in it- I usually try to pace myself, but I'm a bit sick so sometimes I forget. Also, let me know if I make absolutley no sense- I'm not exactly coherent at this point in time, so... yeah.

Anyway, here it is!

Or not. YouSendIt's being all, "No, BITCH!" so hang on while I work out the kinks. :-)

Apologies for the huge run-on. As I said, the brain isn't exactly functioning today.

Hey guys, this is Erin, and I'm basically just testing my voicepost. You know, like test.. test.. *sings* "test, one, two, three" which I really can't resist doing anytime I test something now. Yeah. Totally don't have RENT on the brain. Not at all! Umm... long story short, I'm making a voicepost. I just wanna make sure this works, and that I can send voiceposts like this, without actually getting a paid account since I'm waaay too lazy for that. Actually, I will be getting on eventually, just not until I come back from Italy, which won't be until after I LEAVE for Italy, so not until late February. Annnd... I'm home, and I'm bored, and I probably should be studying for my finals but I'm doing this instead. I should probably stop right about now.. just if this works, let me know, and then if it doesn't work, you obviously won't be hearing this so you obviously can't let me know... but, uh, try anyway! Yeah. Magical psychic power-y stuff. And now, because I'm a little bit too sick to really be coherent, I'll just stop.
Know me: sicksick
Hear me: Nothing *sob*