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30 April 2009 @ 12:03 am
Injury Inventory  
One handprint shaped bruise on my arm
Five scratches on my wrist
One shattered toenail
One partially swollen lip where my tooth jammed it
One bit tongue
Uncountable bruises on my leg
One glorious scratch that may or may not scar
Two bruises from the front of each leg at about thigh-height from being pushed against the stage at the Andrew WK concert!

Verdict: Absolutely, 100% worth it. I was a bit tentative at first- there were signs on the door "no moshing" "no crowd surfing." Whatever, Clark University. You can't hold an Andrew WK concert without the mosh. I was front-and-center in the mosh (after some fighting), I rushed the stage, I got the drumsticks and then gave them away to Jerry (who was stuck working security and, therefor, didn't have a fighting chance.)

Yes, I touched Andrew WK.

Other ways that this was awesome: This was the first concert Andrew WK has played with his band in two years. So he's definitely going to remember it. He changed the lyrics to "I Love NEW YORK CITY" to "I Love MASSACHUSETTS". Also, we were sneaky on our contract and made sure that he actually played his OWN music, since he likes to fuck with people who can't write a contract by showing up wtih a full-string orchestra and reading poetry. Also, the Other Erin works for the committee that booked him, so she spent all day with him. Which helped me to get to spend some time with him, as well. And since her name is also Erin, it's sort of like Andrew WK knows my name. :) Sort of.


I have a final at 8:00 in the morning. Why did I think I'd be able to study after this? I am so sweaty.
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