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26 July 2009 @ 04:28 pm
Fuck antidepressants. Or don't. I don't know. I love them and I hate them.

This is my fifth day period, first day on a full dose. I'm not sure if I'm feeling it yet- my head feels great, but this could just be placebo effect, since most people don't feel it for a few weeks.

What I am feeling is side effects. Nausea, headache, drowsiness, really bizarre detachment (no, really. That song, "Little Red Riding Hood"? It came on the radio, and for some reason it terrified me. Maybe I was reading too much Why Women Hate Men/Psychotic Letters From Men. I don't know)... it's the flu sans aches and fever.

Hopefully, the side effects will wear off within the next week. Otherwise, I need to talk to my doctor about switching meds... which could be a problem, because it takes about a month for everything to feel 'even' on them, and I have to be back at school in a month. And I really, really need to be ready to go back to school in a month.

On a MUCH more exciting note, I'm flying to LA tomorrow, seeing Boosh on Tuesday, and flying back on Wednesday. Provided the side effects don't keep me home, of course.
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