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The lunatic is...

in my head.

I woke up today
Hmm... I'm Sang to those who know me online, and Erin to those who don't (and a select few online who do.) To a very, very select few, I'm also known as Pistachios (whoah- Liz, if you found this, I love you forever. We'z nutz.) I love Tolkien, and even though LOTR isn't my favorite series, Tolkien is my favorite author. My favorite series is H2G2, and my favorite book is War of the Flowers by Tad Williams. At heart, though, I'm still such a Tolkien nerd. Yeah- when you can name all of the Kings of Westernesse and Gondor (and queens, in the case of Tar Miriel and a few others) from Tar Minyatur/Elros to Aragorn II, you know you've got the fandom down pretty well.

I am totally obsessed with The Mighty Boosh. Vince Noir is sexy stylish boot love.

Now, since I'm doing this...

If you're a CBian and somehow managed to find your way here, congratulations. I'd offer you some cheese (Galadriel: Would you like some cheese?) But, well, that would happen, as you well know. Instead, enjoy some tprte.

If you're a fanfic author and you've found your way here, then I shall show you the way to my ffn account: www.fanfiction.net/~sangfroid

If you're a fictionpress author and you've found your way here: www.fictionpress.com/~sangfroid

If you're a deviant, and you're in to art, go to sangfroid101.deviantart.com

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